Desktop Laser Marking Workstation

mikron endüstriyel masaüstü lazer kabinSafety Class 1 protective laser workstation. Takes up less space as being Desktop.

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Standard Laser Marking Workstation


Safety Class 1 protective laser workstation; Robust construction makes it suitable for heavy parts.

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Table-Type Laser Marking Workstation

mikron fiber lazer masa tipi markalamaOpen System workstation, program controlled motorised z-axis linear module.

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Laser Cutting Machine

We began manufacturing the 400W fiber laser cutting machine. 28.05.2012

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The "fiber laser marking project with image processing" studies we carry out with TUBITAK continues.

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Our team experienced on Mark on the Fly (dynamic marking) systems continues adding projects by integrating our fiber lasers to the high speed production lines.

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We meet our customers in Maktek and Tatef in the same week of 2012 , the biggest exhibitions of the sector.

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The most choice in Laser Marking automation and automation...

We made up a large product portfolio capable of responding to different needs with combining our design experience and expertise in mechatronics. We manufacture space-saving desktop workstations containing many of the features which are suitable for processing heavy parts , time-saving workstation with rotary-table , x-y workstations marking large surfaces at once and individual laser workstations suitable for customers requirements.

We are able to offer various alternatives of laser marking automations. Label marking system which you can use in your series label marking process , rotary axis system marking all araund of cylindrical parts , mark on the fly system for continuous marking of pipes and profile–liked parts , Ready-on linear motion modules capable of being integrated yo your laser systems are some of our products that you can find more information in our website.

Our company is capable of answering customised automation needs of our customers with our expertised team.