Our goal is to achieve the firsts in Laser...

As Laseral Endüstriyel Lazer Sistemleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. , we sell laser systems and their spare parts , service job , integrating systems to the production lines sold and laser automation. Our goal is to deliver the innovation to our domestic industry by continuous R&D and being a well known company in the sector. Laseral's aim is being the candidate of leadership in the sector by offering competitive price , fast delivery and the best quality.

The vision of the company;
Our vision is being the leader in the field in Turkey by developing and growing with continuous R&D and so that selling advanced technology products inside and outside Turkey.

The mission of the company;
Our mission is taking a major part of making Turkish industry use of laser technology as well as developed countries and offering the highest quality products and service with most favorable conditions.


Laser Cutting Machine

We began manufacturing the 400W fiber laser cutting machine. 28.05.2012

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The "fiber laser marking project with image processing" studies we carry out with TUBITAK continues.

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Our team experienced on Mark on the Fly (dynamic marking) systems continues adding projects by integrating our fiber lasers to the high speed production lines.

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We meet our customers in Maktek and Tatef in the same week of 2012 , the biggest exhibitions of the sector.

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