400 W / 1 kW / 2 kW Fiber Laser Cutting System


LASERAL Fiber Laser Cutting System is used for processing purpose by cutting the sheet metal, alüminium, stainless-steel and commonly used.The model we talk as 400 W , is developed as an alternative for 4mm and lower thickness sheets beside 1 kW and more systems.It is the most economic and reliable solution for cutting thin sheets of the market in Turkey. Besides we can answer customer's who need thicker sheets with 1 kW and 2 kW models.

MİKRON PULSE FİBER LASER MARKALAMAEconomic price: As fibers known with the advantages of their low electric and cost of gas, as LASERAL we added low-investment costs . With the advantage of being the manufacturer, LASERAL offers you good price, best quality and professional servive with its experienced technical team.


Long ekonomic lifetime: Fiber laser resanator that has over 100,000 hours of lifetime (more than 10 years) does not need consumable parts as like as CO2 and YAG lasers in short periods. This saves you from service and cost of parts.


Low energy consumption: Electro-optic productivity which is the most significant advantages of fiber laser technologies provides you to process with very low energy consumptions.

MİKRON PULSE FİBER LASER MARKALAMAMaintenace-free design: LASERAL Pulse Fiber Laser Marking System has a long resanator lifetime and efficient cooling system and also robust but minimum use of numbers of electronic and mechanic parts makes it maintenance-free and simple structure.

mikron endüstriyel fiber lazer kesimMirror-free and adjust-free beam way: As we use fiber-optic cables in LASERAL Fiber Laser Cutting Systems in the path of beam the transfer of the beam is handy and practical. There are no mirrors to adjust carefully as in flying optic system. Again this way beam is transferred to the head without loss.

mikron endüstriyel fiber lazer markalamaTechnical Specifications

Laser Output Power Options400 W / 1 kW / 2kW
Laser Beam SourceYtterbium, CW fiber
Laser Beam Wave Length1070 nm
Laser Beam WayFiber Optic Cable
Cutting Focus Distance150 mm
Z Axis Distance ControlCapasitif sensor, follow without contact
Cutting Gas UsageOxygen, Nitrogen & Air
Axes X / Y / Z3000 mm / 1500 mm / 90 mm
Axes Movement3 Axes Servo Motor System
Axis Speed60 mt/min
Repeatability X, Y, Z+/- 0,01 mm
Weight10 ton


mikron endüstriyel fiber lazer markalama mikron endüstriyel fiber lazer markalama

mikron lazer fiber lazer markalamamikron endüstriyel fiber lazer markalamaMİKRON PULSE FİBER LASER MARKALAMA