ROFIN Performance


In the begining of 1992 we pioneered to the manuel laser market. Now after more 20 years being the leader to the market we thought the every detail of this successful technology. The new Performance defines again the state-of-the-art of this technology.

Smarter , simpler , stronger

The new Performance is smart - It takes the advanteges of intermissions for workparts handling. New SPEEDmodeTM increases the maximum pulse frequency clearly and uses the time-breaks of the machine operator. In the longer submissions , system switches to the energy saving mode which we call ECOmodeTM

For more detail ,

The new Performance , includes detailed videos and instructions, please follow this link .

The new Performance of ROFIN is compact and a new kind of laser that can be used easily in medical, dental, jewelry, electro-technic and thin mechanic process' and also again mold production and revision.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

Suitable for Laboratories : High quality, smooth and non-porous surface coating is not only stylish and also makes it easily cleaned so suitable for labatory usage.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

Big screen Lighting : Big screen with backgrund lighting provides all adjustable parameters seen in the users field of view. Adjusting limits are visualised. User can change the parameters while he is in the working room from the remote control staff.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

High Power LED Lighting: With Cold light High Power LED lighting ; heating and sweating problems were left behind in the past. Sharp white light beam offers extremely high colour originality when looked from microscope. Lighting LED's have especially 100.000 hours of lifetime.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

On-axis protective gas feeding: A safety gas feeding on-axis , provides excellent welding results even on sensitive materilals like titanium. The location where welding made fed always with protective gas at 90˚ angle. So that whirlpools and shadow effects occured when feeding gas sideways.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

Service, diagnostic and upgrade: Integrated self-diagnosing system offers error detection and showing these errors on the monitor while machine running. The laser software is continuously developed. You can turn your machine the most recent situation by hardware software updates.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

Multi-functional pedal: With the help of practical and multi-functional pedal you can make pulse triggering and also change all the significant parameters when you want without leaving the work piece.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

On-axis lighting: In the case of the lighting from a side , holes and even deep crevices in shades can be viewed. Lighting is placed in the light channel and so it always lights from top.

LWI IV Small Chamber Type 60 W / 120 W Lazer Kaynak Sistemi

Beam tuning set: Innovative beam tuning set connected to Booster Technology, guarantees a solid power output even very low pulse energy. This is especially advantageous in welding very small areas.Beam diameter can be reduced at a value less than 50 um.

Technical Specifications

Output Power Options60 W / 120 W
Laser Safety Class1
Beam SourceNd:YAG, lamb pumped, pulsed
Wave length1064 nm
Maxs. İmpuls Energy70 Joule
Maxs. İmpuls Power17 kW
Maks. Avarage Output Power60 W / 120 W
Working Duration Time100 %
Pulse Energy AdjustmentVoltage or PWM function
Voltage160 - 500 V
Pulse Duration0.1 - 20 ms
Pulse Frequency20 Hz
Pulse Overlay10 - 100 %
PWM Mode1 - 100 %
Focus Distance120 mm
Spot DiameterAdjustable with motor , 200 um - 2 mm,
Observation Optics20x Okular Leica-Stereo-Microscop
Work Field LightingDual LED cold light, switchable
Memory Parameter50 sets can be saved with names
Energy measurement systemIntegrated
Control SystemMulti-processor control system, maintenance data text
InterfacesRS 232, CAN-Bus
Protective Gas feedingVariable feeding possible, dual, flexible outlet nozzle
CoolingIntegrated system, water/air heat exchanger with temparature controlled fan
Electrical connection230 V / 50 Hz 1,5 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz 4 kW
Max. Avarage power consumption4 kW / 9 kW / 14 kW
Laser roomClosed, safety glass, aspirator mounting possible from base
Dimesions (G x Y x D)
Laser room İnside270 x 230 x 400 mm
Dimensions of the workstation620 x 1140 x 1060 mm
Enclosures (two safety switches)210 (G) x 170 (D) mm
Total Weight80 kg

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